Art shakes from the soul the dust

accumulated in everyday life

Pablo Picasso

Two hands, holding each other. One big, one small. The power of art is to arouse emotions and reflections and everyone, in those two hands, is free to see what they want.

It is entitled INSIEME, a work by master Lucio Oliveri, with the support of Re d’Italia Art – an international society for art collecting and publishing.
Placed in the centre of Piazza Castello, in the heart of Lampedusa, surrounded by games for children and youngsters, it is precisely an adult extending a hand to a child that makes one think at first glance.

In art, however, many messages can be conveyed, and so the work on a plinth some five metres high also evokes the responsibility of the strongest towards the weakest, of those who have more towards those who have less, to the moral obligation to save those in danger.

And it is no coincidence that the author is a great artist, born in Milan – where he lives and works – just before that Second World War that saw Lucio Oliveri like so many of his generation experience the terror of bombing, hunger, fear, and the need to flee. This is where art feeds on life, processes its feelings and ideas, transmits them back so that they become memory and a stimulus not to repeat the mistakes of the past.

In the Lampedusa Island of Peace itinerary, this is a stage that cannot be missed, precisely because it adds a piece to the history of welcome and solidarity of this island world with the tools of culture.

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